1959 geboren in Schwanenstadt Österreich
1974-76 Graphikstudium in Linz
1977-79 Jazzklavier an der Musikhochschule Graz
1979-82 Komposition privat bei Gösta Neuwirth, und an der Musikhochschule Wien bei Roman Haubenstock-Ramati
lebt seit 1982 in Berlin

For decades, Peter Ablinger's work has been forcing open fault lines in the topography of the audible. His vast output of scores, electronic pieces, installations, and conceptual works consistently finds ways-funny, pointed, disturbing-to put the ear's organization of reality in doubt. Is that a voice, and what is a voice? When is something newly or no longer music? Noise? Information? In Ablinger's cunning scramble of sonic categories, listening loses its lay of the land. Concepts come unmoored from sounds, and the land changes shape. (Seth Brodsky)

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